Physical Address
4940 Evans Ave
Denver, Colorado 80222

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 473861
Aurora, Colorado 80047

EMAIL: draspencolumbus@aol.com


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                                            THE BEST IN URBAN MINISTRY
                                                       4940 E. Evans Ave, suite 109
                                                          Denver, Colorado 80222

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Click2014 - 2015 Aspen Journey Class Offerings
                The Aspen Journey 2014 - 2015 Class Offerings

Applied Biblical Studies                                Biblical Prophecy 201 
Christian Counseling 101 & 201                   Philosophy of the Prophecy
Chaplaincy 101 & 201                                   Christian Literature 101
Systematic Theology 101 & 201                    Apologetics 101
English Composition 101                               Pauline Epistles
Urban Ministry 101 & 201                              Books of the Bible
Corrections Ministry 101                                Old Testament Survey 101
Research Writing 101                                    New Testament Survey 101
Conversational Spanish 101 & 201               African Christian Heritage 101
Money & Wealth in the New Millenium          Intercessory Prayer 101 & 201
IT Media Ministry 101 & 201                         Jewish Calendar & Holidays
Urban Evangelism 101                                 Church Administration 101 & 201
Urban Homiletics 101 & 201                         Counseling Practicum 101
Bible Versions                                               Urban Christian Leadership
Church History 101 & 201                             Hebrew Language I
Hermeneutics 101 & 201                              Hebrew Culture I
Biblical Prophecy 101                                  Greek Language I

         "WAKEUP CHURCH"

ACCS is not about competing with your Sunday Schools and other teaching programs.  We have a charter from the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and recognition from the North American Association of Bible Colleges to train young and old in Religious Studies and Ministry. Secular success cannot be achieved without a true Christian background.  Many of our youth did not get into College this Fall and others who did will not finish.  Many of you have ministry callings and can use training from our Staff.  If you have great Christian experience and an academic history, you may want to join our staff.

Send us your youth and or join us in changing our society through Higher Christian Education.

        From America's Leading
The first 10 Enrollees will receive a free text and $100 scholarship award.  Contact us below. Go to http://andrewtheprophet.com/1101/index.html for information about the course.